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Become a Professional Football Handicapper

What Is An College Football Handicapper?

Someone who picks one college football team to beat another, by the pointspread, is the process of handicapping the ncaa games is an college football handicapper. A professional college football handicapper will find value wagers against the spread and consistently win at a rate above 54%

How Does a Handicapper Analyze a Game?

Back in the day sportsbook managers would set the lines. But now they have computerized in-house algorithms. There are different ways to handicap a game. The first is the old school way of doing your homework, while the second way is just going with a gut feeling. The work you do before a game is the most effective way of handicapping, simply because most people have a bias. But the seasoned nfl handicapper only thinks on how to win money. The research we do gives us a good start for our handicapping. But, one must take in all other pertinent information.

  • Have key players been injured?
  • Have there been important roster changes?
  • Has the team just been lucky/unlucky in their recent games?
  • Has the weather been a factor?
  • How about offensive and defensive strength,
  • How strong a home-field advantage is, preparation time for the game.
  • Schedulong dynamics, and many more factors.

College footballfootball sports wagering can be a question of luck, oh yes, some games decided by inches, and don't forget about the zebras killing your wagers. But remember, hard work, analyzing the game minimizes bad luck. Talk to any professional college football handicapper and they'll tell you it really does help.

Sportsbooks love parlays? Every time you pick more teams, your probability of winning decreases immensely. So our expert college football handicappers here focus on single wagers. Remember, a winning handicapper always thinks having a profit at the end of the season. He or she doesn't chase losing picks. Good money management is critical.

Why Use Our Handicappers?

We have a mix of veteran handicappers and hungry new handicappers looking to break into the business of sports handicapping. So, click the tabs below to scroll through our handicappers. If you think you can pickem better than our college football professional handicappers then we just may have a spot here for you to sell your winning college football picks.


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